Courses Offered

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Core Courses: 

Calm 20

Physical Education 10, 20, 30



Business, Administration, Finance & Information Technology
Computing Science
Financial Management
Information Processing
Health, Recreation & Human Services
Health Care Services
Human & Social Services
Recreational Leadership
Media, Design & Communication Arts
Communication Technology
Fashion Studies
Natural Resources
Environmental Stewardship
* CTS modules can also be taken together to create a complete course.
** We do not offer all possible course in the above clusters. For more information on the specific modules we offer, please contact the principal.
Fine Arts & Languages  
Art 1020, 30
German 10, 20
General Music 10, 20, 30
Instrumental Music 10, 20, 30
Social Sciences General Sociology 
Baby Steps Program
Film Studies
First Aid, CPR
Green Certificate
Music Appreciation (History & Research Course in Music)
Registered Apprenticeship Program
Special Projects 10, 20, 30 (3 or 5 credits)*
Test Anxiety & Study Skills
Work Experience 15, 23, 35 (Students interested in work experience should talk to the principal.)
Youth Business Development Course   

*(Students pursue activities in which they have considerable interest or ability but which are not within the scope of the regular curriculum or the programs being offered in the school. i.e. sports, canine, leather, modeling, car building, music). (Students interested in special projects should talk to the principal.)