How do I register?

  • All new students are expected to complete a registration package prior to official acceptance into the program. Feel free to stop by the school for a package. Please note our registration begins in the spring and placement in programming process starts in the fall. Starting August 31 students are encouraged to phone in to the school to make a personalized admissions appointment. We will set up a time for you to meet with a staff member and create your personal program to best meet your needs. 
  • Students currently registered in another school should speak to a counselor or administrator at their current school before completing the registration package.
  • Please note that all students who reside outside the boundaries of Wolf Creek School Division will need to fill out and submit a Cross Boundary application package. They will be notified of acceptance into the program by September. 

The intake process in this program is varied. Some students access the program by applying while others are referred through the School Board, by administrators, teachers, or word of mouth from other students. Whichever route students take, they all go through the same intake interview and assessments to accurately determine their present skill level and future career path. 


Returning Students                                       New Students


What happens once I have completed my application?


  • Request a registration package from the school. Complete the necessary paperwork and submit to the school for the acceptance process.

Fall start up 

  • All students wishing to attend Ponoka Outreach must phone and make an appointment for an planning interview. Intake week runs the first week of September, and it is during this time that we will sit down with you and help you plan your studies. 

Full-Time Outreach Students

  • Once your application is completed and approved you need to make an appointment time to meet with staff to plan courses and to discuss your needs and graduation goals. 
  • In your registration meeting you will be invited to plan your personal attendance preferences – e.g. am or pm, and to specify what days of the week you are committing to school work. We have found that student success is directly linked to the amount of time a student spends communicating with their teacher.
  • Full-time students are expected to complete courses in a timely manner. Full time students must complete at least 15 credits a semester.
  • Finance Students (Skill Development Program)
  • Full-time students, who are funded by student finance through Human Resources, and receiving a living allowance, must attend a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Part-Time Outreach Students and Shared Students

  • Once your application is completed,  and approved you need to make an appointment time to meet with school staff to plan courses and to discuss your needs and goals. 
  • Part time students must complete 10 credits a semester. 

What does it mean to audit a course?

  • A student may wish to take a course for information only. Feedback would be given on modules completed. However, no final exam would be given and no mark in the course would be given.


All Students

Once you are accepted into the program, specific attendance expectations will be established with the principal and your teachers. All students start with two course. Timelines for course completion will be set at your registration appointment. The general guideline for starting courses is that after completing a module in a course, a subsequent course may be started if consistent progress and commitment has been demonstrated. It is expected in most cases that a course will be completed in 3 months. When you wish to start a course contact the school administrator for assistance.


* NOTE: At registration time, digital pictures will be taken of all students who attend the Ponoka Outreach.